Composite stone tiles-Convenience store decoration matters

Composite stone tiles-Convenience store decoration matters

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Convenience store,as its name,for people to bring convenience.In the pace of life faster and faster today,people are more out of convenience.If you are just ready to open a convenience store,it is better to look at the convenience store decoration matters.

Composite stone tiles-First,lighting design

The light should be white fluorescent tube,because the fluorescent lamp is the most balanced,while the double fluorescent lamp can also make up the single tube fluorescent lamp direct death angle,and pure white light can unreservedly reflect the original color of the goods.Fluorescent lamps should be installed above the shopping channel,the distance from the shelf is about half the width of the shopping channel,the arrangement of the lamp should be consistent with the arrangement of the shelves to ensure direct exposure from the front to the goods.

Composite stone tiles-Second,the cash register set

Convenience stores are located at the entrance and exit,separated by the checkout at the entrance and exit.Checkout channel(exit channel)can be set according to the size of the store size of one to two,and then according to the size of the business scale were configured 1-4 sets of cash registers(but the cash register network cable should be 8).In the case of conditions permit,you can also set up a"no shopping channel",as a shopping channel for customers without access,so as not to cause crowded entrance.

Checkout channel width is generally designed to 1-1.2 meters,which is the two customers can normally pass the best size;length is generally 6 meters,that is deducted the cash register itself is about 2 meters in length,the cashier and the nearest The distance between the shelves should be at least 4 meters to ensure that there is enough room for waiting customers to line up.

Composite stone tiles-Three,the head of the set

The space between the cash register and the shelves,as well as the middle of the store entrance channel,is generally designed as the head of the sale,as a sales promotion area for new commodities such as new commodities,stock items,promotional goods,iconic goods,branded goods and other key categories.Due to the special position of the pile head,the general length of the pile head length of not more than 1 meter,not more than 1.2 meters high,so as not to cause damage to the customer's line of sight and channel blockage.It is the best place for promotional merchandise,and the supplier is willing to pay the term rent for product promotion.Therefore,the heap fee can increase the convenience store.The net profit.

Composite stone tiles-Fourth,the shopping channel settings

The convenience store channel design should be as straight as possible,minimize corners and cut off,and use the display of goods,so that customers are not prone to fatigue tired,subconsciously extend the stay in the store.

Composite stone tiles-Fifth,non-commodity regional settings

In addition to selling stores,convenience stores also need some non-commodity areas,such as office(main control room),staff lounge(locker room),bathroom and so on.Convenience store office,often referred to as the main control room.Lianjie it mainly has two functions,one as the store POS system and monitoring system host room,one as the store manager in charge of the store's command platform.Therefore,the office design is generally higher than the plane 0.8-1 m,and the side of the shop for the glass perspective window,easy to store managers to the affairs of the store at any time to monitor and command.

In the business premises of the most inside or corner of the place,the illumination requirements are slightly higher,the general requirements of 1200-1500 lux,with lighting effects to make up for customers on the corner of the fuzzy vision.Store entrance and pedestrians from the shop to look directly to the store part of the requirements of the illumination in the 1500 lux Division to ensure that the store's light is always higher than the outdoor light,so you can attract pedestrian eye.

The channel is generally separated by the shelf,the shelf height of the best choice between 1.8-2 meters,can make the top of the shelf goods just flat or slightly higher than the customer's natural line of sight,will not produce visual fatigue.Channel width is generally 1.4-1.8 meters,allowing two people and their shopping basket or shopping cart parallel or reverse through,and can turn around.The channel can not be too wide,if the channel width beyond the customer arm or vision range,then the customer will only choose unilateral merchandise.And the channel is too narrow,it will make the shopping space appears to suppress,affecting the customer walking comfort,resulting in a sense of congestion.

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