China quartz stone-9 creative office design appreciation

China quartz stone-9 creative office design appreciation

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China quartz stone-Every day facing the dull office, is bound to let you work enthusiasm to reduce the special leisurely office, but also make their own office life began to sloppy up, both interesting and orderly office environment, work and rest can be met, both serious Not easy, not easy to let people relaxed office environment, comfortable creative office design environment can make the work of the staff more relaxed, more passionate, and even stimulate thinking, and thus more effective work.

China quartz stone-Now more and more young entrepreneurs, successful young people also will bring a new office work concept, eliminating the past, so hard to make work happy. This is more prominent in the IT industry. In the United States, google has led a corporate culture of the movement, attracting numerous talent to join, after most of the entrepreneurs from Google out of their own portal, part of their own hard work, but by the impact of Google, these out of the boss The office is full of personality, but also very corporate characteristics. The following small tape with you to enjoy the creative office design case.

China quartz stone-LOFT-style office refers to the old factory or the old warehouse from the transformation of the interior wall with few high open space, this concept was born in New York soho area, loft connotation is tall and open space, transparency With the artistic atmosphere, open and so on. In the twentieth century, became a sweeping global art fashion children.

China quartz stone-This charming LOFT office space is a well-known interior design office, loft and soho the perfect combination to create such a work of art, the use of iron, wood and fresh colors, combined with a very casual Design taste, so that companies on the business customers, through the company decoration style, a better understanding of the interior design company style. At the same time in the original area, build a composite attic, increase the attic, in addition to an increase in area, in the visual and beauty is also more effective.

China quartz stone-In order to meet the functionality of the office space, the designer will be the original configuration has been changed, the toilet part of the move to the rear, the stairs below the kitchen, so that the perfect distribution of scattered space, so that the highest utilization of space, Area, the use of white and brown with, to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, followed by a desk, and then for the restaurant part, through the white cabinet and objects separated from the line, clever planning out of the layout.

China quartz stone-Color is in line with the loft with the sexy, wood and white outline, showing a simple neat and neat modern, coupled with the use of bright color paint, feel more creative office space.

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