Marble mural-Translucent stone living room TV backdrop decoration

Marble mural-Translucent stone living room TV backdrop decoration

Product Description

Marble mural-This living room gives us the elegant and not arrogant, simple but not simple fashion beauty, the entire space with a combination of black and light, the elegant and calm temperament of the performance of the most incisive, in particular the use of the TV background wall Beige translucent stone material, in line with the metal lines, highlighting the atmosphere of modern fashion, white sofa in the luxurious style of the ceiling lamp against the background, highlighting the elegant quality, and the side of the wall with stripes to create , In the background of black and white painting, the artistic sense of space to a new height.

Marble mural-This living room exudes the modern style of the atmosphere, the entire living room without excessive decoration, the use of simple lines to create a simple nature, beige spacious cloth sofa, the space of comfort shown, and the curtains and the background wall The border formed a response to the trend of the TV background wall with a translucent stone material, set off in the metal stripes, exudes a luxurious light, the ceiling lamp with a light-emitting design, the space grade reached a new height .

Marble mural-This living room gives us a sense of luxury rich and not publicity, dark red wooden floor, the space will be shown wealth, beige leather sofa, in the pillow against the luxurious and warm feeling presented in In front of us, the TV background wall is made of translucent stone material. Under the illumination of the light, the crystal clear beauty will be in place.

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