White marble - cast mansion dream

White marble - cast mansion dream

Product Description

Originally inspired by sculpture. What is different from usual is that the sculptors here are not artists but the occupants themselves. The initial idea was to create a marble sculpture by cutting off and rebuilding a completely intact piece of marble naturally by occupants' daily actions. It looks both solid and gravity-friendly light, and the landscape stretches from the outside through the building to the atrium. The remaining pieces of marble scattered on the ground, becoming part of the landscape, isolated, but visually connected, as part of what once belonged to the marble boulders.

The marble finishes of this project play a role of water repellent, sun-shading and masking the heat of the hot summer so as to provide shade to the interior.

By translating the linear and non-linear planes of the building, the architect creates a unique silhouette, form and space. The marble home is located at one end of the rectangular base, while a huge rain tree occupies the other side of the base, far away from it. In a sense, the visual appeal of the rain tree has been further enhanced by modern architecture - the contrast between the neat structure and the maturing, naturally shaped rain tree is reflected in the sparkling pool Surface, showing a memorable scene.

The subtle relationship between architecture and landscape is everywhere. The building is square in its entirety, surrounding the open central courtyard, where light and natural wind reach the farthest corners. The swaying figure of the central courtyard shows the presence of the wind.

"Private balcony" is commendable for the city house surrounded by its neighbors. Surrounded by open top of the open roof to ensure privacy while also providing unobstructed natural light and wind. The corresponding structure above the terrace is hollowed out and named by the architect as "Private Sky."

In some close to the neighbors and had to open the window wall is taken oblique bevel way, so as to ensure the greatest degree of open field of vision, which has become one of the characteristics of the building. After all, the sculpture's work is naturally formed by the consideration of occupants' behavior and landscape vision. The interaction of materials, space and form, from the inside to the outside, flows naturally and creates a strong connection between architecture, landscape and interior.

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