Villa living room marble decoration picture

Villa living room marble decoration picture

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European style. After is the atmosphere of Europe type style, luxury, whether in mean more powerful French palace restoring ancient ways, or modern and Jane Europe, modern European style, are often in a villa in the sitting room decorate a design to use marble. There are two kinds of usage, one is the wall carving, the deep and shallow line shape; The other is local use, such as fireplace, european-style living room is not without fireplace.

2. Hong Kong style. Compared with Europe type style luxury atmosphere, Hong Kong style of interior space is more simple, but at the same time, with the aid of metal elements, space in light of luxury atmosphere, delicate and smooth marble photograph echo of metal elements. In the decoration space of the Hong Kong style style, the application of marble seldom is local ornament, more is the spread of large area, spread a whole wall of this kind.

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