Parsimonious living room fireplace decoration

Parsimonious living room fireplace decoration

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This is a simple two bedroom,

Chinese wind into the trace elements, but also the punchline.

The design of the Chinese wind in the porch is very subtle.

A round picture of the entrance shows the beauty of obscurity.

The paintings on the door are reflected in the painting.

Gently push the push and pull door open in the leisure living room.

The living room is mainly gray, the grey sofa, the wall and the ink on the wall create a low-key atmosphere.

Light grey knitted plush carpet and surface of the circular ball chair, and create a comfortable leisure atmosphere, the two element proportion handle very accurate.

The living room has to say the fireplace,

The idea of the master's participation in the design,

The function of the fireplace is to be mainly decorated and used as a supplement.

At the corner of the bedroom is cloakroom, the iron frame glass door, texture obviously.

Gray bedroom background wall,

Two long lines of metal bedlight,

It embodies the master's uncommon personality and creativity.

The design of the chandelier interprets the line aesthetics.

Transparent white gauze brings warm natural light to the bedroom.

The small bar is extended to the wall, and the wine cabinet is derived.

The design of the wine cabinet is very beautiful, and the wine cabinet extends to the ceiling.

The white high foot back stool is in harmony with the hexagonal floor tiles on the ground.

Wash the chandelier and bedroom bedside lamp is the same style,

The mirror is more attractive to the mirror.


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