China marble wall stone panel delivered to Fos , France

DESTINATION : Fos , France 
SHIPPING DATE : Aug 30th ,2016 
QUANTITY : 2 containers .
MATERIAL : China marble wall stone panel .
DESCRIPTION : China marble wall stone panel or called Cloudy Wind Wall stone is one of the most popular item we are selling from the hot selling products , customers like it white base with Greynish veins and people really like to use it as the background of the Living room or other decoaration indoor .
Size can be 600x150mm or 650x150mm ,350x180mm and Slate Wallstone mini panel 400x100mm , normally 3-4 containers monthly to be exported to France ,Italy , Germany , 

For More details about the price of the slate and quartzite wall stone panel products , pls contact with us via or . We would like to provide more useful information

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