The bathroom is a great place to release stress in a day

The bathroom is a great place to release stress in a day

The bathroom is a great place to release stress in a day

If only to meet the daily wash function

Ignore its adornment and design

That is too lack of "bath look"!

When the bathroom meets the marble

Washing all over hot and tired

Marble is a kind of life attitude, your personal life space should be like marble bathroom have attitude, hard, steady and rich change.

A deluxe marble bathroom inspiration can be various, marble texture, elegant color and add some connotation to details to bathroom space and comfortable, romantic breath all over the room.

Marble so simple become focus space, whole bathroom become fashion house, the scenery of window is to enhance the effect of coup, comfortable environment is so with feeling.

The marble bathroom that rich texture is able to divide space itself is a kind of design method, warm color tonal warm whole cold space. The zebra on the wall gives space a sense of the wild, the bright light rises in the whole atmosphere.

Black and white marble with oval tub in this space respectively presents the most beautiful side, marble texture always makes details become more elegant and attractive.

Use color marble to decorate the bathroom character of the bathroom character is strong and strong, tie-in transparent shower room design emphasizes the time sense. Simple design wraps around privacy, texture, and luxury.

The glittering marble bathroom is specially designed for those who like the modern open owner, designed a glass wall is wonderful dividing line between warm and cold.

Downy colour marble can usually be seen in resorts and private houses, the luxury villa in the spacious bathroom wearing beautiful marble, soft lighting to relax the mood.

The decoration is very quiet, delicate and exquisite space bath crock, with dressing room was designed to marble is the key material, ingeniously stylist USES marble to create an atmosphere relaxed and peaceful country music.

Rest is a private bathroom or thinking of exclusive to the heavens and the earth, from the wall to the floor and wash one marble is ubiquitous, saw wood to receive ark, this modern marble bathroom absolutely not cold.

Small area of the injection of marble can become a highlight of the spatial elements, excessive congestion can interfere with the space of comfortable and relaxed, stylist elaborate space adornment gimmick to make bathroom space got possibility the connotation of sublimation.

Luxurious marble bathroom design is likely to mean that the combination of a variety of texture and light, texture of marble, the lights of the complex changes, the geometry of the deformed sanitary ware, it's so super reality.

White marble, the pure visual enjoy perhaps only qualified for this natural marble material, the introduction of natural light to ensure the visual perception of comfort and bright.

Another example of luxury, bathroom this time in marble and wood, wooden bathroom rack embedded not only looks good in the field of marble can also receive a towel, let a space full of angry many decoration.

If your toilet is not large enough, and want to delicate and style, you will need to make great efforts one time, such as the choice of innovative layout, decoration materials, details is to shape the success or failure of the space.

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