Simple tiles-simple regression in the home

So that the footsteps of the predecessors have stopped to make their own lives Rhythm can be slower, then slower

The popularity of simple tiles reflects the modern city of people's desire and pursuit of simple living. Today's increasingly busy work and life, people used to seeing the world of distractions, I feel or return to the simple and best. The fast pace of modern life, the transformation between pop and obsolete faster and faster, in the home decoration design has been enduringly simple style has always been favored.

When we live in the bustling city rub shoulders in the running passers-by, live a two-point line, the same day life, we began to yearning for a comfortable and comfortable life, so that the footsteps of the predecessors have stopped to make their own lives Rhythm can be slower, then slower

From simple to simple, the pursuit of simplicity, has become everyone in the living environment of the new pursuit. Cappuccino tiles maintain the classic sense of texture innovation, giving the space unlimited imagination and create a harmonious and clear living space.

It is a "noun" derived from minimalism in the sense that there is no definitive definition of a minimalistic tile, but a simple tile is not a tile without any sense of design, on the contrary it is a highly engineered product. Under normal circumstances consumers need more than just "simple", but also look pleasing to the eye, durable. Simple but good-looking means the right ratio, the right color, exquisite materials, fine workmanship, and its most important is the unique design details, if not the last point it is not simple but simple.

Simple and simple minions, quiet and elegant, as if in this impetuous society to open up a small world belongs to us, let us unload a camouflage, retrieve the peace of mind deep inside, return to the most pure The essence of life. For small size, the over-decorated background wall will make people dazzling. The use of sub-diagonal irregular laying method, with white tiles to create a backdrop, the lines neatly arranged, you can make the space more spacious.

Cappuccino tiles with "elegant" as a product style, the tone of the gray-gray tone, a few lines of the pen is no less than the simple interpretation of the ceramic tiles. The overall brick surface presents a faint line texture, like a beating note on the surface of the tile, the sound around the beam, the gray surface of the tile mixed with light and dark colors, creating a thick ink color ink painting, so that the surface of the tile More rich sense of hierarchy, respect show expensive.

Although the name of simple ceramic tile "simple", but it full of ingenuity of designers, because the more simple the more difficult to design. Now appeared on the market to Cappuccino tile brands such as the representative of the simple tiles, unique design, high quality, by many consumers attention and praise.

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