Stone fireplace use matters needing attention

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        In modern life, for home decoration, fireplace is a kind of culture and it is also an art.Fireplaces are prevalent in Europe. As the society develops, more and more families choose to install fireplaces in the living room,not only can it warm, but it can also be used to create beautiful and atmospheric decorative effects.In all sorts of fireplaces, the marble wall is the most practical and effective.Beijing stars stone produces marble fireplaces in a variety of forms to bring a new experience to home improvement.The following points need attention when using marble fireplaces:

      1.Inspect the ventilation system every year to prevent clogging and damage;

      2.high temperature safety glass must be fixed before using the fireplace;

      3.To avoid accidental injury, do not use it for people who are not familiar with fireplace operations;

      4.fireplace can not be modified, after repair parts of the fireplace to be installed in place before use;

      5.fireplace installation and maintenance must be carried out by professionals. It needs to be checked once a year;

      6.Keep the fireplace clean and away from gas and other combustible gases or liquids

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