Stone daily maintenance method

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      Stone has become more and more popular in modern decoration. Marble fireplaces, parquets, sculptures, cultural stones, etc. are not only beautiful, but also practical and wear-resistant. They are the first choice for many people to decorate. Beijing stars stone produces various types of marble ornaments and is of high quality. , Price concessions, products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions overseas. Although marble is very hard, it is not easy to damage, but it also needs good conservation to keep it longer and more beautiful.

      1. Timely decontamination

      When the stone surface is covered with any dirt, imprints, or debris, or when the surface of the stone located outdoors is covered with gravel, dirt, snow, rain, etc., it should be promptly removed to avoid excessive adhesion of dirt debris. Difficult to remove even remove the stains.

      2. Use only neutral detergents

      When we need to clean the stone, remember to use only a neutral (ie, pH 7) cleaner to clean it, easily remove dirt and not cause corrosion damage to the stone.

      3. Avoid acidic substances

      Acidic substances such as vinegar, lemon juice, and other acidic bath cleaners or tile cleaners should be protected from corrosive damage caused by exposure to marble, limestone, and agate.

      4. Avoid abrasive cleaning

      Avoid abrasive cleaning such as sandpaper, dry powder cleaners, because grinding and cleaning may cause abrasion marks, scratches, etc., affect the surface finish, and destroy the aesthetic appearance.

      5. "Indirect contact" between potted plants and stone  

      Avoid direct contact between the potted plant and the stone surface. Not that it is enough to put a block of wood under the pot. It is best to use a movable potted tray with wheels. It is not only easy to move and clean, but also can prevent many minerals in potted plants from affecting natural stone. Causes corrosion or contamination.

      6. Clever mat

      It is best to place mats under liquid soaps, cosmetics skin care products, perfumes and other items, because most of these items contain alcohol, which is an organic solvent and will cause corrosion damage to the stone.

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