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        Artificial culture stone is a new wall decoration material popular in recent years. It was originally made of natural stone such as sandstone, slate, etc. However, due to the relative shortage of natural stone, many places do not have such resources, and the natural stone's color and texture can sometimes not satisfy the decorative effect. Thus, in recent years, artificial synthetic stone has begun to rise across the country. Compared with natural culture stone, synthetic culture stone has more advantages! Because of its shape, surface texture, color, texture and natural rock cool Shaw, the decoration of the building resembles natural stone masonry, creating a special cultural atmosphere, hence the name "cultural stone."

        Cultural stone products have a long history and characteristics. Culture stone is a new type of product widely used in China's construction industry in recent years. Because of its vivid texture, rich colors, high degree of simulation, simple and natural, light weight, and high strength and hardness, it is in high school. The exterior decoration of the villa has been highly recognized by the vast design institutes, real estate developers and end customers, and has become the main decorative material for villa exterior walls.The marble products produced by beijing stars stone are exported to more than 100 overseas countries, with guaranteed quality and favorable price.

        When you step into the main building, the first thing that welcomes you is the facade. The exterior wall is the soul of the exterior decoration of the building and is the life. It is the reproduction of motifs and also the image of the villa's self-built house. The owners generally attach importance to the exterior wall decoration. The larger external space and higher requirements are challenges for designers. Therefore, designers often consider the design and decoration of external walls as their artistic pursuits and their design standards. While introducing the design style of the exterior wall, we will focus on how to use suitable cultural stone materials to achieve the design effect, or be helpful to people in and outside the industry.

        Comfortable, reasonable, natural and healthy. Is the inevitable pursuit of people's quality of life, but also the development trend of urban and rural residents in the new century home design. In the new millennium, the focus of villa home-built home environment design has shifted more and more toward people-oriented themes and people’s lifestyle as the center. The innovation of the villa architecture should give the building a modern content and ethnic flavor, and pay attention to the inheritance of the cultural stone traditional style in the new building!

        In outdoor decoration, cultural stone is mainly used to decorate the outer wall. This must consider the area of the wall, light and other factors. The general experience is: large-scale walls, can use large-scale cultural stone, can also use irregular mosaic of cultural stone mosaic. As for the paving of the entire wall, or the local decoration, you can choose according to your wishes. For example, in the past, TV walls in people's homes were generally different from other walls, and now people devoted a lot of time to the decoration of their exterior walls.

        Nowadays, people's mentality of pursuing new exterior design styles is often no less than the pursuit of interior designers. After seeing the intrinsic mode, people often want to see something that is "uncommon", so "change" has become the primary task of the villa designers. In a sense, this external motivation has inspired the designer's creativity and contributed to the designer's grasp of design positioning. From a conventional sense, villas that are not culturally-informed can in principle not be considered luxury homes!

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