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  With the progress of the times, people's aesthetics are constantly evolving. Because of its high-end appearance and durable performance, marble products are gradually becoming the trend of decoration products, marble fireplaces, marble sculptures, marble pillars, marble floors and even marble flowers. Pots, etc., as a company engaged in the production and processing of marble products for 20 years, Beijing stars stone co.,ltd produces marble products with beautiful image, high-end atmosphere and high quality. It has been exported to nearly 200 countries around the world and is trustworthy. Now we mainly talk about marble flower pots.


        In recent years, various stone carving pots have been seen in some large squares, downtown areas, tourist attractions, and landscape architecture. Stone flower pots are widely used in the construction of landscapes, and are also common planting plants in the community. Stone carving pots are popular with people for their beautiful carving technique, atmospheric form and long service life. On the street, the flower beds of twos and threes are lined up in a row, and the seasonal flowers of various colors are planted in the flower garden. After regular watering, fertilization and conservation, they receive a good landscape effect.

        A kind of vessel used for stone flowering and flowering, which is in the shape of a round table or a chamfered table with a small end and a small end. The marble flower pot is made of fine stone carving. The particles are fine, the texture is good, the color is various, and the surface can be used for effect. Marble flower pots are mainly used for the beautification of decorative boxes in the city. Its appearance has increased the landscape of the city and enriched the spiritual enjoyment of urban residents. As part of the city, flower pots can exist alone or in combination with buildings.

        When choosing a marble flower pot, pay attention to the size and height. The flower pot is too large, just like a thin person wearing a large dress, affecting the appearance, and the flower pot is large and the plant is small, and the water absorption capacity of the plant is relatively weak. After watering, the potting soil remains moist for a long time, and the flowers and trees are difficult to breathe, which may lead to rotten roots. The flower pot is too small, it is top-heavy and affects root development.

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