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The lava bakes is one kind of world is emerging bakes the method. Lava from the earth's crust deep place, because the earth's crust deep place's temperature is extremely high, the lava by the volcano rock magma's shape existence, along with the volcanic eruption, the rock magma also spouts the surface along with it, meets the water or the low temperature starts to congeal, because the congealment process air entry, turned solid the rock magma to form the massive air bubbles gradually in the interior, coagulated after completely, has formed the structure unique lava. the lava bakes by the coal gas or the natural gas takes the fuel, the use lava outstanding thermal conductivity, the stability and greatly strengthened adsorptive capacity, causes food to bake in the process to be heated evenly, the efficiency enhances greatly. Simultaneously because the heating fuel is the canned coal gas or the natural gas, does not use worry food after completely by the carbon black or the coal combustion, produces the ashes pollute.

  • HIGH QUALITY ASSURANCE Offer top quality workmanship and safe package to satisfy every customer, all fireplaces are fully inspected three times before we pack.

  • FACTORY DIRECT SALES We manufacture and export by ourselves. We know market demand very well and we are easy to be communicated.

  • CUSTOM DESIGN Any custom design can be made by us and offer exclusive supply. Timey Delivery can be guaranteed and supply capacity is good to meet any distributor's need.

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