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About Marble Mosaic

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        The marble mosaic is simple and atmospheric, and it meets the needs of many people for decoration. Therefore, most families now like to use this kind of ceramic tile decoration.Chinamarble.com is the establishment of a stone information and trading platform launched by Beijing stars stone company co., ltd.The marble mosaics we produce are of various styles and reliable quality. Now I will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of marble mosaics and the basic.

        First, the advantages

        1. Create a unique style of decoration

        The biggest advantage of marble parquet flooring is that it can create a unique decoration style. Consumers can use their different colors and styles to create their own ideal home.

        2. Perfect visual effect

The rich marble pattern can make people feel more neat and bright, and the perfect color combination can let you enjoy a visual feast.

        3. Durable

        A great advantage of the parquet flooring is that it is very durable. Because the marble is hard and durable, it has a very long service life.

        Second, the shortcomings

        1. The production process is more complicated

        Because of the rich pattern of the marble mosaic surface, compared to ordinary tile production process is more complex, it takes more time, more processes.

        2. Labor costs are relatively high

        Because the production process is more difficult, the labor costs for making parquet flooring are also higher.

        How to maintain the marble mosaic

        1. When cleaning marble mosaics in daily life, try cleaning with a dry rag and avoid cleaning with a damp cloth.

        2. Do not allow metal sharps, glass ceramics, nails and other hard objects to knock or rub the marble parquet floor, heavy items must not be dragging back and forth on the floor, this is very easy to scratch the brick surface, affect The overall appearance.

        3. If there are scratches on the marble floor, apply toothpaste to the scratches and wipe it with a dry cloth to repair it. Local damage should be promptly replaced and re-paved.

        4. When doing basic daily cleaning, you can use detergent, soap and other cleaning, add a little ammonia and pine oil mixture with soap, so that tiles become more shiny.

        5. If there is tea or other daily necessities attached to the surface of the marble mosaic, it should be cleaned in time, and if necessary, the corresponding cleaning products should be used for cleaning.

        6. Brick and brick joints can be used to remove dirt from time to time with a decontamination paste, a layer of waterproof agent in the crevice brush, can prevent mold growth.

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