China quartz tile-"Understand you" interior decoration design

China quartz tile-"Understand you" interior decoration design

Product Description

At the beginning of the design, the first analysis of the core of the target customers, the exact lock is more impact, the use of herd mentality and collective unconscious principle, relying on core customers to drive important customers and marginal customers, the three types of target customers to recalculate the scope, Dug out the core customers do not conflict with other target customers in the core values to point to the surface of the precise lock. Rather than large and complete compromise and compromise, in order to carry out a clear and strong sales office design. According to the developer's core target customer positioning for effective investment.

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So the architectural form and packaging decoration is particularly important, is able to give customers a deep impression of memory;

It is bound to meet the positioning of the project to meet the target customer's taste, reflecting the core strengths of the project;

Design Principles

The overall effect of transparent, bright, cutting-edge, and its overall image and the image of the project consistent, simple shape, the atmosphere, with noble and innovative quality.

Material, try to avoid the internal wall to achieve the barrier, part of the external walls of the use of floor glass, the use of natural light; natural light is not enough, to use bright lights to strengthen.

The internal design of the sales office is reasonable, the basic functions are complete; pay attention to the flow of the moving organization; for the early customers to provide a good consultation platform.

The various functional partitions within the reasonable improvement (reception, negotiation, bar, display area) between the close contact, to be one with each other.

Show area of the light needs of the atmosphere, the lamp needs to be adequate, fashion recommended chandeliers, lights and other lighting combinations, through the space layout to provide customers with an experience of life scenes.

Through the sales department of the packaging reflects the grade and quality, decoration color and project LOGO and VI extended standard hue coordination, and to ensure that the sense of quality in the selection, the details of the full embodiment.

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