MulticolorKerb Stone-What are the elements of garden design

MulticolorKerb Stone-What are the elements of garden design

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Multicolor Kerb Stone-In modern life, people nowadays communicate more with nature through the courtyard. No matter the size of the courtyard, you are to display the design of the place, even five or six square meters, the yard owner can dress it a strange luster. Large urban environment suitable for large blocks, generous, the pursuit of majestic, style of the big landscape, and small garden should be small, sophisticated approach to the performance of personalized features. Even from the mountains when you go out to play to retrieve the stones, can be used to decorate their own small yard. Stone and grass, water and flowers, lamps and shadows, wood and pavilion art coordination relationship is an important manifestation of courtyard design objects, but also several major elements of the courtyard design. Water is an indispensable genie in many courtyards, which together with everything in the courtyard make up a beautiful water feature. The wood in the family garden can be said to play a role of eye contact. Outdoor furniture, flower beds, flower racks, swing chairs, fences, no matter used in any corner of the courtyard, it will create a warm, comfortable, natural and harmonious atmosphere to meet people's urgent desire for natural return. The courtyard comes from heaven "The Almighty God took the lead in cultivating a garden. Indeed, it is the purest of all human pleasure, and it is most delightful to the human spirit that without it, the palaces and buildings are nothing but the crude handicrafts" This is Bacon's "garden" section. When the garden and people's homes are closely linked, it becomes a beautiful garden view.

Multicolor Kerb Stone-In the West, well-designed courtyards are always hailed as the Garden of Eden; in the East, courtyards often project the shadow of "Peach Blossoms." Having one's own backyard is the dream of many people. Who made God create such a wonderful place? Choose what kind of style as your own private garden, you have to think about one party. Garden landscape style classification of the layout that is divided into three categories: regular, natural, mixed. Regular style composition mostly geometric, vertical elements are often rules of the sphere, cylinder, cone and so on. Regular courtyard is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical, symmetrical with two central axis, the intersection of the center of the courtyard, the courtyard is divided into four parts fully symmetrical, symmetrical courtyard solemn atmosphere, giving a quiet and stable , Orderly sense; asymmetric courtyard of the two axes do not intersect at the center of the courtyard, a single component is often odd, the layout of the elements of different geometries focus only on the focus of the courtyard to adjust the focus without emphasis on duplication. Compared with the former, the latter is more dynamic and vivid. The natural courtyard is a rustic charm that completely resembles a purely natural courtyard landscape without the use of structures and materials that have obvious artifacts. Although the pursuit of design done by people, like Tiancheng aesthetic realm. Even if you have to build a hard structure, but also the use of natural wood or local stone, so that integration into the surrounding environment. Most of the courtyard both regular and natural features, this is a mixed-style courtyard.

Multicolor Kerb Stone-There are three types of manifestations, one is the natural layout of the elements of the rules, the European classical aristocratic courtyard have such characteristics; the second is the natural form of the elements of a regular layout. Such as the courtyard courtyard in the north; the third type is a regular rigid structure and natural soft elements naturally connected to most of the recent Shanghai villa courtyard although the asymmetric part of the yard, but still close to the residential part of the rules, you can square Or circular hard paved with natural plant landscape and irregular edges of the lawn together. If a piece of land is neither a strict geometric shape nor a bizarre natural state, this method can find a balance among them.

Multicolor Kerb Stone-The courtyard is divided into three categories from the cultural characteristics: Chinese, Japanese and European. Chinese courtyard has three tributaries: the courtyard of the courtyard in the north, the freehand landscapes in the south of the Yangtze River, and the gardens in Lingnan. Among them, the southern garden has the highest achievements and the largest number. Chinese garden has a strong artistic landscape of ink and wash. The composition of the curve-based, pay attention to the poetic twists and turns, taboo glance, pay attention to feng shui "poly Qi", the courtyard is composed of buildings, landscapes, flowers together composed of works of art, building wooden pavilions, Pavilion-based, Moon Cave door, lattice-style Daiwa powder wall play or block or guide or split the line of sight and path and role. Garden plants have a clear moral and strict location. Such as the house planted bamboo shoots, plantation before planting Gui, flower beds of peony, peony, step Indus, corner banana, slope Pinus bungeana, pool planted lotus, spot with bamboo, stalagmites, Pieces with stone tables and chairs, solitary stone and so on.

Multicolor Kerb Stone-Japanese courtyards originated from the Qin and Han dynasties in China. Until now, traces of the Chinese classical gardens are still vaguely debatable. In the process of imitating the natural landscapes to the literati in Chinese gardens, the Japanese gardens gradually got rid of their poetic, romantic and romantic tastes, The garden uses simple materials and abstract techniques to express mysterious and profound Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism. With the garden language to explain the "elders, out of the realm of the fire house, sit cool". The style of the European garden has five branches: Italian-style terra-couture, French water garden, Dutch rules garden, British-style natural park, British theme park. The development of the landscaped gardens of various countries from the past to the present has the same strain. The Italian peninsula is mountainous, with many buildings depending on the situation. In front of the garden, a terrace terraces are opened up. The middle axis leads to the central axis, and tall cedar and pine trees, platforms, flower beds and sculptures are planted on both sides of the central axis. Arrangement. The main view of the Italian Garden is to set up a sculpture or flower bed on the wide axis of the central axis. There are few water features, and even small fountains are in the shape of pots. After the Italian-style terra-cotto came to France, the French mainly plains and many rivers and lakes, so the garden is designed to be flat and symmetrical on the central axis of the regular layout, the difference is that the French garden often circular or rectangular large pond design On the axis, along the pond on both sides of a straight straight road. Later, the Dutch pruning the trees into geometric shapes and various animal shapes.

Multicolor Kerb Stone-On the contrary, the British prefer the natural trees and grassland, especially emphasizing the integration of the scenery with the natural environment outside the park, paying attention to the form, color, taste, flowering and clustering of flowers, and the emergence of the flower arrangement as the main content Garden, "and even a kind of flower-themed garden, such as" rose garden "," lily garden "," iris garden "and so on, so that when mentioning the continental garden, you will think of a large lawn, Orphaned trees, into a beautiful flower diameter. Jumping in the courtyard of the water, flowers, stone, wood courtyard is life, the courtyard is the ideal place to host the spirit of the master, courtyard elements is to extend the life of the courtyard. The layout of the garden elements of art is the most important garden, the overall layout is an outline of collar-style artistic creativity. The success of the layout is the key to creating a beautiful garden.

There are a lot of rules to follow in layout. For example, the traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting art, such as starting, bearing, turning, closing, and horticultural layout, is sparse, dense, curved and straight. Layout tactics, then expressed from the complex to Jane, from simulation to the intended style of different styles. Many materials are well used in the layout, can produce a variety of visual effects. Such as the height of the different sizes of plants arranged combination can show a sense of simplicity, sense of coordination, rhythm, sense of flow, heavy sense of color and so on. Another example is dense plants with koji, it is easy to give birth deep and quiet sense, it is suitable for oriental high-grade residential. The trimmed scrub plants coupled with the atmosphere and elegant geometric shape is more suitable for European style. The use of material is not a rule, but the exquisite garden is composed of plants, stone, sculpture landscapes, water features and other different materials through the combination of art. Therefore, the material is well used, can be very good color.

For example, in the Japanese garden, trees and turf, with a variety of wild rock, soil slope, gravel combination is very particular about. All kinds of tactics are the imitation of the natural mood and fun, can make people get the spiritual cultivation and pleasure. Such as dry landscape that Japan's unique garden practices, really make people appreciate the Buddhist Zen mood. The famous Taihu Lake in China, Lingbi stone and other ornamental stone landscape is even more amazing mountain Amazing natural beauty and Chinese garden art profound cultural heritage of the elegant combination. In Wangfu Garden, a blend of Chinese and Western courtyards, the wall is designed to match the overall feeling of a curved wall with a building. The wall is an important part of the landscape design. The shape of the curved wall is quite traditional in Chinese courtyards. It is European-style wrought iron pane, a wavy wavy low-wall, layers of flowers and grass secrets, stakes fence, do not have a charm. In the garden, the dwarf bamboo fence can separate different spaces and create several small fun sections.

Multicolor Kerb Stone-The idea of a water feature is a bling-style double-fold water effect that mimics a mountain stream and uses a Chinese landscape stone and a mountain stone to form a rockery landscape. When the designer piles of rocks is like painting a painting, using different brushstrokes, different colors so that it has a strong sense of transparency and beauty. Stacked on both sides of the rocks in the water high, water flows down from the middle of the curve of small ponds, spring ding dong in the ear, as if into the mountains among the verdant. Lotus pool, lotus leaf slim, small goldfish play in the lotus leaf, lotus leaf field Tian. This is the center of the courtyard landscaping. Chinese-style stacked hill Koike Ye Hao, Japanese-style dry landscape Ye Hao, or the British nature without making the lawn, the French fine cut fine plant graphics and marble water features, until the more avant-garde of various concise line color And the use of shapes, in fact, there is no absolute boundary. Style can be uniform, can be confused. It all depends on how well it is compared to the main body of the dwelling, or even different (the avant-garde approach sometimes deliberately used in the usual way, but often works well). At the same time can be their own preferences into it. Of course, but also based on the adjacent environment, the size and shape of the courtyard area and other basic conditions to consider the design theme. But then small, irregular space can also reflect the connotation of art and beauty. The courtyard pavement is designed in the style of Japanese karaku garden, which is the highlight of the Japanese courtyard design and the center of the artistic shape of the road and pavement in the traditional Chinese courtyard.

The key is to look at the style of residential buildings and the size of the courtyard. For example, European-style luxury mansion should match the appropriate parquet pavement, and some can also be set in front of a waterfront and the like. If the Chinese or Japanese-style courtyard with zigzag as much, the road can be made of pebbles tiger skin fancy, or lawn and so on. If you are avant-garde modern style house, it is necessary to point and line, color and shape to make a fuss, in all aspects should be consistent with the overall style. The real tile wooden pavilion in the courtyard on the right, Japanese-style kiosks are very rustic flavor. The modern courtyard's performance of a lot of fun using such a small kiosk, close to nature, feel the countryside. Under the window of the main body of the house is one of the main places for plant landscaping in private courtyards. Appropriate plant selection here can make the window look full of meaning. Of course, this depends on the size and shape of the window. If the floor-to-ceiling windows and the courtyard have a sense of depth, the plants in front of the window should be shorter so as to make the center scenery in the courtyard and the plants in the distance show up. Chinese and Japanese-style courtyard under the eaves of the window with bamboo and rattan classes, to hide the housing, and layout in the cultivation of the formation of three-dimensional fun. The combination of garden plants emphasizes the visual effects of different seasons. Most parts of northern China tend to lose their vivid green color due to dry and cold winters and winter monotony of color. Therefore, in the north to create gardens, the visual effects of different seasons must be thoughtful.

Multicolor Kerb Stone-For example, although the color of winter monotonous, but stone and other non-plant material shape will not change. Therefore, in the overall design of the garden design in these areas, it is appropriate to consider the appropriate reduction of the proportion of plant-based landscapes according to the local climatic conditions, and replace them with the perennial landscapes of shales, landscapes of dry landscapes, metal or stone sculptures More brains, so that there is no natural color of the winter also maintained another beauty. In the selection of plants we must first think of all kinds of plants in the local winter is what kind of all year round all kinds of plants how the convergence of the viewing and so on. Although some ornamental trees fall in winter leaves, but the shape of the branches are beautiful, but also can form part of the overall beauty of the courtyard. Crape myrtle has become a conspicuous color in the courtyard, but also with the color of the main house is coordinated, it is blossoming on the edge of the water, both sides of the road, the heart of man.

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