The cultural stone to buy common sense

The cultural stone to buy common sense

Product Description

Cultural stone classification:

Cultural stone according to the different materials, divided into: slate, sandstone, rust plate, tile board, mushroom twist, stone, etc.

1, slate: natural slate has a special layer of plate theory, grain clear picturesque, delicate texture dense, showing a back to nature of the emotions.

2, sandstone: sandstone clear color, showing its steady temperament million years, solemn, elegant.

3, rust plate: a rust, rust, jade rust, purple rust and other types of brilliant colors, patterns changeable, each one is unique.

4, watts: natural watts is the ultimate slate layered, only a few millimeters thick, thin and tough.

5, Mushroom twist: mushroom stone with the ancient castle wall stone shape, dignified and unrestrained, rugged appearance is very three-dimensional, the overall effect unique.

6, stone: natural stone collected in the river bed, colorful, attractive texture.

 Cultural stone evaluation

1, the location of cultural stone evaluation: indoor or outdoor;

2, evaluation of cultural stone material: In general, try not to use the outdoor sandstone class of stone, because these stones easily seepage; indoor cultural stone can use similar colors or complementary colors, but should not use the contrast of strong color;

3, evaluation of the installation of the wall is clean, smooth, suitable for cultural stone decoration.

The pros and cons of cultural stone depends on the quality of materials and processing technology. High-quality stone surface, does not contain too much variegated, the color distribution is more uniform, there is no sudden negligence phenomenon, the corners cut neat no chamfer, touch no sense of roughness. The poor quality of stone there are many irreparable "defects", like stains, cracks, color lines, potholes and other phenomena.

In the purchase of cultural stone, we must pay attention to product testing reports, pay attention to the value of radioactive standards, according to national standards, only the A class of stone is suitable for indoor use.

Cultural stone Style Judgment and Choice

In modern home decorating, the designers suggest that the TV background wall should be made of rough textured stone inlaid so as to absorb the sound and thicken the wall, thus reducing the influence of sound on other living spaces, Unique sense of modern design sophisticated appliances, the formation of a strong contrast of texture.

If the living room area is larger, but also the use of cultural stone production side of the rich theme of the rich theme of the wall, so that the living room decoration exquisite in showing a trace of randomness. Or on the balcony to create quite idyllic corner. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the main function of cultural stone decoration embellishment, do not abuse, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Product costs and brand knowledge

The culture of the market is relatively small, the common brand BSS-stone, online cultural stone cheaper products worldwide have a good sales.

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