Cultural stone decoration stone with Raiders

Cultural stone decoration stone with Raiders

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1, the TV background wall texture selection of rough culture stone mosaic, both sound-absorbing, but also express the fine electrical texture.

2, if the living room space is larger, you can also use the culture of stone production side of the rich theme of the rich theme of the wall, so that the living room exquisite decoration in a hint of randomness. Or on the balcony to create quite idyllic corner. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the main function of Cultural stone decoration embellishment, do not abuse, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

3, the wall clean and make a rough surface (such as plastic wood and other low water absorption smooth surface, to be barbed wire mesh, and make a rough bottom, and then full of health and then paving

4, before affixing rocks must be arranged on the ground with the best results of the rock in the order of paving, (similar size, shape, color of the rock not adjacent).

Cultural stone and space style with

1, the version of rock - the natural version of rock has a special layered plate management, it's clear and picturesque texture, delicate and delicate texture, elegant and refined temperament, the sea of nature, vivid rocks, to express a return to the natural mood .

2, sandstone - sandstone surface and texture has a primitive flavor, like the desert dunes, like the beach gentle beach. It is the perfect combination of overall harmony and detail changes. Sandstone clear colors, such as white snow and ice, Huangruoshaisha, Hongsheng magma, for example, tempered billion years calm its character, dignified, elegant.

3, rust plate - rust plate rust, rust, jade rust, purple rust and other types of brilliant colors, pattern changes, each one is unique. Rusty board with warm affinity, in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere gives a natural, original, mysterious, romantic feeling.

4, watts - Cultural stone is the ultimate slate layered, only a few millimeters thick, thin and tough. To a variety of specifications of the wattboard to change the form of arrangement or overlay, the roof can make a more three-dimensional sense. A variety of color combinations, can make the building more vitality.

5, mushroom twist - Mogu stone with the ancient castle wall stone shape, dignified and unrestrained, rugged look very three-dimensional, gives the nostalgia of nostalgia. Mushroom stone is carefully crafted by hand, the color can be any deployment, the lines can also be free to run, so the overall effect is unique.

6, stone - Cultural stone collected in the river bed, colorful, attractive texture. Artificial stone by the large pieces of stone machinery broken, and then by grinding to sharp blunt, beautiful color, water is even more colorful. Yuhua stone beads round jade, like a note pile piled a mobile architectural movement.

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