Flooring slate tile delivered to Baltimore, USA

QUANTITY : 2 containers.
MATERIAL : China slate flooring tiles.
DESCRIPTION : There are many optional colours and sizes from natural flooring slate.
The flooring slate tile looks natural. Because their feature from natural slate can be kept perfectly. Some slate flooring tiles looks smooth-surafce. Some slate flooring tiles look a little rough but still flat. Because we make them by splitting from slate rock. Because of the feature of natural slate, each slate flooring tile can be splitted into thin and smooth-surface layers. And the thickness of layers can be chosen. We can calibrate the thickness by saw their bottom of slate tile. So that their top surface is still natural and the bottom is plane.
Available Size: 300*300mm / 400*400mm / 600*600mm / 300*600/600x900mm etc.
Thickness:10mm /15mm /20mm /25mm /30mm etc. 
Delivery time : 15-20 days.
Quantity Capability : 5-10 containers monthly for each color.

For More details about the price of the slate flooring tiles, pls contact with us via
Email : vivien@slate-quartzite.com

Skype : vivienzhang29

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