world famous marble fountain

    1. Charybdis Fountain

    Charybdis Fountain is located in Sunderland, England. The fountain is a whirlpool fountain and is currently the largest whirlpool fountain in the world. The construction of this fountain contains part of Greek mythology.

    2. Wishing Pool

    The Trevi Fountain is located in Rome, Italy. The Trevi Fountain is a Baroque fountain. The main body of the fountain is the marble sea god, and this fountain can be traced back to 19 BC.

    3. Buckingham Fountain

     Chicago's landmark Buckingham Fountain, built in 1927, is the world's largest illuminated fountain, twice the size of the fountain at Versailles in France. It operates from April to October, and in winter the fountain is decorated with festive lights. The diameter of the pool is 85 meters. Hundreds of water splashes shot towards the center, and a water column in the center was sprayed forty or fifty meters high. At night, the lights of various colors shine from the bottom of the spring. The colors of the lights and water, such as high-altitude fireworks and underwater corals, are magnificent and spectacular.

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