China Marble 

Chinamarble is a comprehensive platform for global sales of stone products. You can find any kind of stone products here, and we also provide customized services to customers to meet the needs of various types of use.

Specific purchase process is as follows:

Method one:

After joining the shopping cart, submit the consultation order.

Step one: Add the product to the shopping cart.

Step tow: Open the inquiry list at the top of the page.

Step three: Click on “enquiry” button, chinamarble customer service staff on the way through the mail or phone to provide detailed product advisory services in order to achieve the transaction.

Method two:
Click the drop-down navigation button to contact us. Enter the contact us pageand input what you want to consult.

In order to better provide you with product consulting services, we provide business, individual, designer, contractor and architect five types of user types for your choice.Be sure to fill in your name and email address (the user will default to the registered mail), and fill out the contents of your advice. After receiving the information, we will reply to you in the shortest time.

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