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Product Description

Regular sizes: 300x300mm; 300x600mm; 600x600mm; 600x900mm; 600x1200mm, orcustomized

Regular thickness: 14mmtop nature stone 5mm + back ceramic 9mm, or customized

Available material:

---Surface material: high-gradeor luxurious marble, travertine, onyx, etc.

---Back material: ceramic,granite, Aluminum Honeycomb Panel etc.

Price arrange: $30-$130

Output: 20 containers per month

Product Description

The composite stone tiles Structure Chart:

The composited Marble or Onyx panels Advantages:

---1.The composite tiles or panels is about 3 times stronger than the original stoneplate, greatly reduced the breakage rate in the transportation or installation.

---2.Nowhiskering or yellowing. As the ceramic and resin glue line cut off the waterand the corrosion material, eliminates the common fault of the whiskering andyellowing after the marble pasted the wet cement, it can be sticked directly,thus saving the cost of dry hanging, and reduces the angle steel and thependant to take up space, increase the usable floor area.

---3.The light weight, composite panels, compared to the original plate, the weightis only half less than.

---4.Convenient construction: composite panels can be used in a ceramic tileconstruction methods, rather than marble tiles construction method, easier forconstruction, therefore, save construction cost.

---5.The bond strength test shows that the adhesion at about 91 N/cm2,specifications for 600 * 600 mm composite panels in 33 tons of gravity therewill be no stripping phenomenon.

---6.The stronger heat resistance. Marble composite panels soaking, long time (120hours) in 120 environment without stripping, or thecolor abnormal reflection.

---7. The water absorption is lower. Composite panels backed the ceramic tileadhesive, so the bibulous rate is very low (about 0.13%), will not be frostcrack.

---8. Compared to the original board, the composite panels surface smoothnessbetter.

---9. The cost is lower, as using the thin nature marble stick to the thickceramic, the composite panels price is at least 30% lower than the originalplate.

---10.A variety of spec. can be produced according to customer's request.


Packing Specifications:

·        No. of pcs.per carton box: Depending on size & thickness, each size packed inindividual box

        (5pcs/cartonfor size 600x300, 3pcs/carton for size 600x600, 2pcs/carton for size 800x800.)

·        No. of box.per crate: Depending on size & thickness, each size packed in individualcrate

·        No. of cratesper container: depending on size & thickness.

·        Roughlyweight: Around 32kgs/sqm at the thickness 14mm.

  • HIGH QUALITY ASSURANCE Offer top quality workmanship and safe package to satisfy every customer, all fireplaces are fully inspected three times before we pack.

  • FACTORY DIRECT SALES We manufacture and export by ourselves. We know market demand very well and we are easy to be communicated.

  • CUSTOM DESIGN Any custom design can be made by us and offer exclusive supply. Timey Delivery can be guaranteed and supply capacity is good to meet any distributor's need.

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