Cultural stone conservation methods

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        Culture stone has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, light texture, high strength, and good resistance to melting. Generally used for exterior wall or interior decoration. The beijing stars stone produces a wide range of cultural stones, with excellent quality and quality. We also produce marble fireplaces, character sculptures, marble fountains and other stone products. Cultural stones are in need of maintenance, and they can be waterproofed to prevent dust and more beautiful.

        1. First, we need to clean the dust on the surface of culture stone (wash with water or use a clean broom to remove surface dust). Until the stone is dry;

        2. It may be that the surface of culture stone is dry or it will re-ash or continue to remove powder. At this time, we need to carry out a cultural stone care and maintenance. Generally, we have to apply 1-2 times of cultural stone varnish (also known as culture stone protection agent, stone protection agent, culture stone varnish, net. Yes, we use household water-based arts and culture stone protection agents, and also use Shandon-stone varnish. We suggest that we use water-based ones. Here, I want to stress that we should use water-based varnish or protective agent as much as possible. All of them are oily, and they are poor in permeability because of their poor permeability. ! Remember! This protective agent or varnish is transparent and everyone should know it;

        3.Brushing the cultural stone protective agent (varnish), can not be used immediately, it is recommended to ventilate and let it cure more than 1 day. This culture is just like a protective cover, and it will not fall out of dust. And can be waterproof, stone is more beautiful and wearable.

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