Beautiful garden fountain

The marble fountains we produce are diverse in form, unique in shape, unique in quality and guaranteed in quality.

The fountain is an artificially constructed plastic or natural spring pool that sprays a beautiful water pose for people to enjoy. The fountain is an important part of the garden. In modern gardens, in addition to the plant landscape, the fountain is also an important landscape. It is not only a waterscape art, but also a combination of dynamic and static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere, giving people a beautiful enjoyment. At the same time, the fountain can also increase the air. The negative ion content plays a role in purifying the air, increasing the humidity of the air, and lowering the ambient temperature. is the establishment of a stone information and trading platform launched by Beijing stars stone company co., ltd. The company was founded in 2002, its predecessor for the state-owned enterprises, since the beginning of 1998 in the stone industry. Owning a few stone minings and processing plants, products cover more than 95% China natural stone products, meanwhile operating some overseas stone products. China stone industry provides the most product categories most complete varieties. With 18 years' development, forming a very professional team, products are exported to more than 100 countries around the world. 

The marble fountains we produce are diverse in form, unique in shape, unique in quality and guaranteed in quality.

1. We can provide the design, processing of various types of natural stone and artificial stone products. Materials include marble, granite, quartz stone, slate, sandstone, limestone, basalt, travertine, onex and other materials, Chinese and many other overseas territories; product types include tile, culture stone, wall stone. Paving stone, stone carving, monument and various special-shaped products after processing or decorations.

2. Our products can be widely used in individual housing and commercial projects in the indoor and outdoor decoration, as well as large square, road laying and landscaping works.

3. We can accept any personalized custom stone products, as long as the customer to provide any design by pictures or drawings, we basically can provide customers with the products.

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