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Why is the marble decoration yellow and dim?

Many friends who often go to public places or use marble for decoration will find that many grounds are as shown in the figure below - loss of light, dullness, partial scratches, holes, and cracks are not beautiful, etc. .

How did these phenomena occur?

1. Due to the advancement of stone grinding and polishing processing technology, the surface of commercially available natural marble is very dense, and the gloss after polishing can achieve the effect of mirror surface. As a result, consumers often perceive marble as hard and airtight as bright metal or glass materials. But in fact, natural marble is a microporous material, and its surface is easily damaged by inhalation of foreign pollution. In other words, natural marble, like natural wood, is a breathing material, and its microscopic structure has porous Because of its characteristics (sometimes it is not easy to observe from the appearance), it is easy to absorb the contamination intruded by the dissolution of water or the dissolution of oil.

2. In addition, although the polished marble is hard, the surface of the marble floor in public places or households will inevitably wear after a period of use because the hardness of the sand continuously brought in by the outside world is higher than that of the marble surface. At the same time, due to the lack of scientific understanding and protection of marble, the ground was not protected when pulling hard sharp objects on the ground, resulting in some scratches on the ground.

3. The correct concept of stone maintenance has not been established. In the maintenance of marble on the ground, a mop with water is used to mop the ground frequently, and part of the sewage will infiltrate into the interior of the stone along with the marble pores, that is, the marble surface will be polluted. It is the water vapor that will cause gradual hydrolysis damage to the marble as it evaporates. In addition, the tension damage caused by the sun exposure, floor heating, and dry-wet cycles of some marbles will cause the internal stone to be decomposed, burst, peeled, and weathered due to uneven force.   

4. The selection of maintenance materials and processes is not perfect. When some stone care companies (or the owners themselves) maintain marble floors, the basis for selecting products is not to choose chemical materials according to the type, hardness, density, water absorption rate and status of the stone. Instead, the ground is maintained according to the so-called well-known international brands, imported materials or even low-quality and inferior chemical maintenance materials. Corrosion and destruction, with the combination of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the surface of the stone is looser, and the weathering and decomposition phenomenon is intensified.   

5. To sum up, it can be seen that the most important factor is people's subjective consciousness and objective use, which causes the marble surface to become more and more ugly.

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