marble door decorates the appreciation

In recent years, stone material enters the home market, the adornment of various stone stone begins to enter the people's home.

In recent years, stone material enters the home market, the adornment of various stone stone begins to enter the people's home. In the past, people like to use wood to make door covers, but now, a lot of families are beginning to be inclined to use stone material, why? Next, we will talk to you about why we use stone to make door covers.

The beauty is generous

The colour and lustre of natural stone texture, mirror, a perfect sense will undoubtedly enhance the temperament of whole space, the use of natural stone in the door window, whole space appears to be connected to the stone together, give a person a kind of visual aesthetic feeling.

Waterproof prevent bask

It is well-known that the window is the closest place to the outside world, it will be constantly exposed to the sun, and it will inevitably be eroded by the rain. If you use wood window in your home, it is easy to crack and mold in years. Stone material has very good waterproof to prevent bask in the function, after a few years is, still can radiating its glamour of glamour.


We know wood use for a long time, will appear off paint, pot-holed phenomenon, greatly affect the aesthetics, but stone structure, good wear resistance, can use for a long time, practicality is very strong.


We use wood to do the door that the window is an important reason is the relatively cheaper stone lumber, but the durability of wood and stone is far, a few years later, you repair the wooden cover both time-consuming and calculate the price may not be less than stone, so stone material is a kind of very high cost performance.

Why do marble door sleeve, window cover more and more, and use wood line to do less and less? There's a reason for that, of course. In the modern decoration, people's requirements are getting higher and higher. It used to be a wooden case, and the house was clean, but now the wooden window is out of date. Even now, if you want to make a wooden case for the sake of frugality, I don't believe it will be torn down in the near future because of the craze, the paint, the moldy and so on. This way, the cost of a stone jacket is more expensive than the cost of a stone set in place.

 some people speak, who says wood set no, now is not the real wood door is wood set? Yes, now the door of the door is wood, but good wood set is made by solid wood or log on, and is the lacquer that bake, have waterproof function, will, of course, longer service life. But I want to say is different from the door of the window is covered, the window is directly to the outside world, the sun, there could be rain splash in, this is the fatal damage, the window facing the sun, the more the more damage. And stone material does not have this problem, it is not afraid of sunshine, also fear the rain wet, and it is beautiful as well as the wooden case, the class also increases.

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