Quartz kitchen top-Small size change house decoration skills

If you want to create a large apartment in a small room space, the preparatory work is particularly important, from the moment to renovate the house.

If you want to create a large apartment in a small room space, the preparatory work is particularly important, from the moment to renovate the house. Oh, little micro summed up, with the following 11 tips to ensure that your home Soon become spacious

Quartz kitchen top-Wonderful one: bright colors

From the beginning of the decoration will have to think of the way to your room into a bright room, so the color of the paint must choose the kind of bright colors, with them suddenly make your bedroom a lot of brightness Oh!

Quartz kitchen top-Wonder 2: install a large window for your bedroom

To make your dwelling look bright and spacious, a big sunny window, but a key point Oh, good lighting will be able to improve your room bright degree.

Quartz kitchen top-Trick three: use the mirror to expand your vision

If you like a mirror, do not taboo use it, then it is an indispensable props to your dwelling. In this small space, because the indoor image refraction and light reflection, looks like twice as big as the actual. Interested you can try Oh! But the proposal can not use the whole mirror, still can enhance your room visual space.

[Living room]: the living room is a facade. Is the so-called: sparrow is small, fully equipped. In the small living room, as long as the right way, still can become a spacious and bright living room.

Quartz kitchen top-Coup four: full function TV cabinet

In fact your TV cabinet can be bigger, where you can not only place a TV, DVD player, you can also place books, your pictures, your handicrafts, and even children's toys. Such a full-featured TV cabinet must let you satisfied with it

Quartz kitchen top-Coup five: extended space to expand the wall utilization

Behind the sofa, next to the wall paintings, in fact, you can use them. Yes, a few shelves, you can improve the utilization of the wall for your small room to make more room.

[Bedroom]: bedroom, every day, where we dream of the beginning. It is more to dress it as you look forward to the way. Small size of the problem of course, although the room is small, need to place things are not the same, then how to make it look so spacious? Let Xiaobian help you a bar!

Quartz kitchen top-Porter 6: Change your bedside cabinet

Who said your bedside cabinet can only be low and short that type, and can only put a small lamp! Xiaobian now introduce you to a new bedside cabinet, in the above can not only put the lamp, as well as books, Box, or even your quilt!

Quartz kitchen top-Coup seven: all-around wardrobe is a good helper

Oh, how can you put them together in so many different forms of clothes? A layered bag, a row of transparent plastic boxes, a white checkered cabinet. According to Xiaobian provided pictures, will be several of these furniture to move home, will not let you down.

Quartz kitchen top-Wonder Eight: Archive your clothes

In fact, your clothes can also be classified as a file, do not think weird. A box that looks like a box can also be your little locker, where you can put your little object and it is easy to store.

In fact, the general small size is difficult to have a study of their own, whether you put the study of the items there, introduced several furniture coup can be able to build for you A small space in the big life.

Quartz kitchen top-Pilgrimage nine: use the wall to expand your study

Your workbench is not too big, because you only need to install a pine board, the front of the table is your office extension of the desk, where you work on the relevant information, still let you work easily.

Quartz kitchen top-Coup 10: multi-function desk

Your desk is not too big, a collection of desks can meet your needs.

[Kitchen]: the most trivial thing is the kitchen, and now you do not worry about this, and today Xiaobian to introduce you to a few good coup, will be able to take care of your kitchen clean and clean.

Quartz kitchen top-Coup eleven: pots and pans are neatly put

Your pot is also placed on the stove on your home dishes and how to place? You can try to put them neatly in your kitchen drawer, your kitchen can be neat.

Throughout the big coup, we can see, enlarge the small apartment space is the primary task of bright indoor color, as black clothing with a thin effect, a dark indoor naturally compressed a lot of visual area. In addition, the powerful storage function is to ensure that small units clean environment, an important factor, "climbing the wall" of the storage design, multi-functional furniture can help you take care of the room more neat, so clever with how No effect.

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