Wall stone-Do not ignore the energy-saving decoration

Wall stone-Through time on the balcony wall, the top surface to install insulation and so on.

Wall stone-Energy conservation can be laid from the home decoration foundation. Energy-saving decoration is not to reduce the amount of energy used as a means, but based on a scientific home design, reasonable and make full use of energy.

Wall stone-Experts suggest that consumers should focus on the decoration of the following three aspects:

The first is insulation. Special attention should be paid to the selection of energy-saving windows and doors in line with the standards of the region where the main physical indexes of airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation, thermal insulation and heat insulation meet the specified requirements. If you do not destroy the original wall of the inner insulation, balcony transformation and the interior room

Wall stone-Through time on the balcony wall, the top surface to install insulation and so on.

Followed by water conservation. To focus on control of kitchen, bathroom equipment matching and installation, promote the installation of water-saving faucets and flow control valves, water-saving toilets and water-saving bath appliances. Renovation of the installation of a new type of bathtub with less water and with the shower with the use, can play a more water-saving effect.

Wall stone-Finally, saving. In addition to energy-saving lamps to choose outside, the decoration can also choose to use the dimming switch, the light can be adjusted to meet the different needs of the state, the effective energy-saving. In the living room, as far as possible to open a single lamp, single off, try not to choose too complicated chandeliers; can choose to install energy-efficient appliances, wall socket rationally designed to minimize the connection board, not easy to plug the socket can choose There are control switches; the best bathroom installation of inductive lighting switch.

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