Wall stone-Epoxy sand floor construction process

Wall stone-Epoxy color sand decorative floor is a new type of seamless integration of color quartz sand and decorative composite floor, through one or more different colors of color quartz sand free to form a rich and colorful decorative colors and patterns, With decorative texture elegant, wear-resistant, resistant to pressure, chemical corrosion, non-slip, fire, water and so on.

Wall stone-Colorful sand epoxy floor decoration is stable and reliable, decorative effect is more beautiful, the use of a more extensive range, can be applied to industrial floors, commercial and civil buildings on the ground. In recent years in Europe and the United States and other developed countries is very popular, known as "Cai Sha seamless hard rugs."

Mainly used in: architectural decoration, terrazzo aggregate, real stone paint, paint sand, epoxy floor and so on. Natural sand can be used to make marble, floor tiles, tiles and decorative sanitary ware, etc., with a gloss, smooth, strong wear-resistant advantages. It is widely used in architectural engineering, interior decoration, relief and so on because it has the characteristics of abrasion resistance, waterproofness, corrosion resistance, nontoxicity and strong adhesive force.

Made of natural sand paint advanced paint, with non-toxic, tasteless, bright luster, soft colors, strong sense of three-dimensional characteristics. The use of colorful stone laying of the ground, the road can play a landscaping, health care body The role of epoxy sand floor Application of abrasion resistance, resistance to strong impact, high-end decorative occasions, with a certain floor style, especially for airports, large Shopping malls, exhibition halls, subways, electronic communications, healthcare, high-level entertainment and high-rise buildings, food producers, laboratories in offices and schools, etc., emphasize cleanliness and durability.

Wall stone-Epoxy sand floor performance characteristics

1, the color can be freely deployed, colorful, decorative effect is good, colored sand can form a beautiful surface;

2, high-cleanliness, no continuous access mark;

3, excellent wear resistance, acid and alkali, and inhibit mold, bacteria produce.

4, the surface of sufficient flatness and roughness.

Wall stone-Epoxy sand floor construction process

1, surface sandblasting

2, brushing epoxy primer, spreading quartz sand

3, the deployment of epoxy sand paint 10 times the construction of quartz sand to the desired thickness

4, mechanical calendering

5, painting transparent topcoat, closed grout Floor thickness: generally 3-5mm.

Epoxy sand floor technical indicators 1, wear resistance (100 g / 1000r, weight loss g) ≤ 0.03 g / ㎝ 22, compressive strength, ≥ 703, bending strength, ≥ 64, tensile hardness ≥ 75, bonding Strength ≥ 26, dry schedule ≤ 6 dry ≤ 247, Shore hardness ≥ 80

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